List of Street with Postal Code in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

List of streets with postal code in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Street Postal Code
0A 12Th Ave E Y1A 4J4
0B 12Th Ave E Y1A 4J4
0C 12Th Ave E Y1A 4J4
0D 12Th Ave E Y1A 4J4
4-75 Thompson Rd Y1A 0C7
5-75 Thompson Rd Y1A 0C7
6-75 Thompson Rd Y1A 0C7
6-201 Main St Y1A 2B2
7-75 Thompson Rd Y1A 0C7
7-91301 Alaska Hwy Y1A 6E4
8-75 Thompson Rd Y1A 0C7
8-91301 Alaska Hwy Y1A 6E4
9-75 Thompson Rd Y1A 0C7
9-91301 Alaska Hwy Y1A 6E4
10-75 Thompson Rd Y1A 0C7
10-91301 Alaska Hwy Y1A 6E4
11-75 Thompson Rd Y1A 0C7
13-404 Hanson St Y1A 1Y8
14-5059 5th Ave Y1A 1K9
15-5059 5th Ave Y1A 1K9
15-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
16-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
19-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
19-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
20-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
21-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
22-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
23-5059 5th Ave Y1A 1K9
23-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
23-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
24-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
25-5059 5th Ave Y1A 1K9
25-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
26-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
26-606 Main St Y1A 2C1
26-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
26-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
27-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
28-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
29-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
29-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
30-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
31-35 Lewes Blvd Y1A 4S5
31-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
31-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
32-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
32-7 Prospector Rd Y1A 3Y7
32-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
33-5059 5th Ave Y1A 1K9
33-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
34-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
35-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
36-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
37-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
38-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
39-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
39-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
39-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
39-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
40-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
40-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V3
41-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
41-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
42-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
42-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
43-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
44-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
48-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
50-465 Range Rd Y1A 3A5
50-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
54-37 Sycamore St Y1A 6E2
55-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
58-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
59-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
60-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
62-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
64-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
64-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
64-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
65-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
65-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
66-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
66-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
67-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
67-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
68-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
68-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
69-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
69-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
70-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
70-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
71-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
71-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
71-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
71-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
72-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
72-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
72-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
73 Murphy Rd Y1A 6H7
73 Sandpiper Dr Y1A 6B9
74-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
74-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
74-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
74-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
75-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
75-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
75-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
75-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
75-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
76-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
76-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
76-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
77-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
77-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
78-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
78-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
78-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
78-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
78-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
79-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
79-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
79-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
79-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
80-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
80-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
80-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
80-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
80-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
81-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
81-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
81-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
81-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
82-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
82-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
82-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
82-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
83-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
83-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
83-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
83-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
83-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
84-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
84-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
84-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
84-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
85-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
85-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
85-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
85-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
85-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
86-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
86-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
86-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
86-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
86-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
87-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
87-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
87-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
87-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
87-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
88-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
88-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
88-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
88-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
88-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
89-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
89-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
89-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
89-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
90-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
90-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
90-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
90-67 River Ridge Lane Y1A 0E2
91-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
91-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
91-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
91-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
92-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
92-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
92-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
92-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
92-989 Range Rd Y1A 6J9
93-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
93-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
93-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
93-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
94-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
94-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
94-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
94-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
95-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
95-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
95-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
95-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
96-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
96-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
96-100 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3W1
96-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
97-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
97-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
97-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
97-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
98-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
98-5061 5th Ave Y1A 1L1
98-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
98-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
98-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
99-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
99-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
99-5061 5th Ave Y1A 1L1
99-1 Teslin Rd Y1A 3M2
99-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
99-10B Thompson Rd Y1A 5N4
100-1100 Front St Y1A 3T4
100-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
102-3090 3rd Ave Y1A 1E3
102-600 College Dr Y1A 0B9
103-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
104-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
104-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
105-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
105-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
105-23 Wann Rd Y1A 4A2
106-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
106-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
107-93B Lewes Blvd Y1A 3J4
107-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
107-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
107-6100 6th Ave Y1A 1M5
108-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
108-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
109-504 Range Rd Y1A 3A2
109-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
109-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
110-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
110-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
111-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
112-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
113-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
113-600 College Dr Y1A 0B9
113-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
114-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
114-504 Range Rd Y1A 3A2
115-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
115-504 Range Rd Y1A 3A2
116-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
119-4 Prospector Rd Y1A 5G5
120-504 Range Rd Y1A 3A2
123-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
124-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
124-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
124-1116 Front St Y1A 1A3
125-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
125-300 Main St Y1A 2B5
125-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
125-1116 Front St Y1A 1A3
125-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
126-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
126-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
127-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
127-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
127-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
128-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
128-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
129-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
129-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
129-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
130-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
130-36 Chilkoot Way Y1A 6T5
130-80 Chilkoot Way Y1A 6T5
131-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
131-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
131-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
132-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
132-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
133-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
133-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
133-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
134-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
134-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
135-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
135-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
135-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
136-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
136-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
137-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
137-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
138-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
138-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
139-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
139-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
139-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
140-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
140-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
140-36 Chilkoot Way Y1A 6T5
140-80 Chilkoot Way Y1A 6T5
141-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
141-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
141-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
142-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
142-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
143-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
143-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
143-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
144-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
144-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
145-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
145-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
145-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
146-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
146-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
147-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
147-1 Klondike Rd Y1A 3L6
147-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
148-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
148-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
149-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
149-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
150-36 Chilkoot Way Y1A 6T5
150-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
150-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
151-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
151-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
152-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
152-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
153-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
153-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
154-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
154-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
155-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
155-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
156-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
156-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
156-35 River Ridge Lane Y1A 6J9
157-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
157-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
158-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
158-833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
159-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
160-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
161-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
162-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
163-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
168-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
169-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
170-2237 2nd Ave Y1A 0K7
170-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
171-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
172-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
173-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
174-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
175-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
175-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
176-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
176-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
177-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
177-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
178-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
178-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
179-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
179-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
180-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
180-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
181-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
181-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
182-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
183-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
183-58 Falcon Dr Y1A 6V6
184-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
185-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
186-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
187-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
188-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
189-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
189 Wickstrom Rd Y1A 6N2
190-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
191-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
192-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
192-32 Waterfront Pl Y1A 6V1
193-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
194-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
194-18 Azure Rd Y1A 0L2
195-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
196-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
197-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
198-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
199-986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
199-19 Wann Rd Y1A 0K4
199 Rainbow Rd Y1A 5H8
201-37C Lewes Blvd Y1A 4S5
202-419 Range Rd Y1A 3V1
202-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
203-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
204-4103 4th Ave Y1A 1H6
204-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
204-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
205-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
205-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
206-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
206-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
206-6100 6th Ave Y1A 1M5
207-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
207-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
208-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
208-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
209-600 College Dr Y1A 0B9
209-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
209-260 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V5
210-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
211-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
212-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
213-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
214-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
215-600 College Dr Y1A 0B9
215-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
216-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
216-97C Lewes Blvd Y1A 3J4
217-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
218-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
219-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
220-200 Lobird Rd Y1A 5V4
223-989 Range Rd Y1A 6K1
225-989 Range Rd Y1A 6K1
225-300 Main St Y1A 2B5
227-989 Range Rd Y1A 6K1
229-989 Range Rd Y1A 6K1
260-2237 2nd Ave Y1A 0K7
260-4201 4th Ave Y1A 5A1
271-9029 Quartz Rd Y1A 4P9
275-9029 Quartz Rd Y1A 4P9
277-9029 Quartz Rd Y1A 4P9
302-4050 4th Ave Y1A 1H2
302-6100 6th Ave Y1A 1M5
303-5061 5th Ave Y1A 1L1
304-6095 6th Ave Y1A 4S4
306-1 Teslin Rd Y1A 3M2
306-26 Azure Rd Y1A 6E1
308-28 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3J3
310-410 Strickland St Y1A 2K2
311-97C Lewes Blvd Y1A 3J4
317-97C Lewes Blvd Y1A 3J4
319-26 Azure Rd Y1A 6E1
345-300 Main St Y1A 2B5
404-37B Lewes Blvd Y1A 4S5
465 Range Rd Y1A 3A5
478 Range Rd Y1A 3A2
532 Grove St Y1A 5J8
539 Grove St Y1A 5J8
541 Grove St Y1A 5J8
544 Grove St Y1A 5J8
582 Ear Lake Rd Y1A 6L4
728 Range Rd Y1A 5N5
833 Range Rd Y1A 3A7
883 Grove St Y1A 4C7
900-4230 4th Ave Y1A 1K1
986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
986 Range Rd Y1A 4V1
989 Range Rd Y1A
A-91311 Alaska Hwy Y1A 6E4
A-91317 Alaska Hwy Y1A 6E4
A-8159 8th Ave Y1A 1S5
A-604 Black St Y1A 2N6
A-6095 6th Ave Y1A 4S4
A-39 Denver Rd Y1A 5S7
A-6 Glacier Rd Y1A 5S7
A-3 Glacier Rd Y1A 5S7
C-3 Glacier Rd Y1A 5S7
C-39 Denver Rd Y1A 5S7
C-95 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3J4
E-508 Main St Y1A 2B9
E-2190 2nd Ave Y1A 5N6
E-95 Lewes Blvd Y1A 3J4
E-2010 Centennial St Y1A 3Z7
E-29 Wann Rd Y1A 4A2
E-4031 4th Ave Y1A 1G8
E-81 Wilson Dr Y1A 5R2
G-38 Lewes Blvd Y1A 5B4
G-4031 4th Ave Y1A 1G8
G-81 Wilson Dr Y1A 5R2
G-2190 2nd Ave Y1A 5N6
H-4031 4th Ave Y1A 1G8
H-38 Lewes Blvd Y1A 5B4
H-2190 2nd Ave Y1A 5N6
J-4031 4th Ave Y1A 1G8
K-4031 4th Ave Y1A 1G8
L-4031 4th Ave Y1A 1G8
M-29 Wann Rd Y1A 4A2
25 University Dr Y1A 5B6
Unit-7179B 7th Ave Y1A 0K3
Unit-7179A 7th Ave Y1A 0K3
Unit-1A Firth Rd Y1A 4R5
Unit-4A Lewes Blvd Y1A 3J2
Unit-1511A Dogwood St Y1A 3Z9
Unit-137B Alsek Rd Y1A 3W2
Unit-34B Tay St Y1A 4M6
Unit-13B Tutshi Rd Y1A 3R4
Zenith Pl Y1A 0M3
Zircon Lane Y1A 6A3

45°24′N 75°40′W / 45.400°N 75.667°W / 45.400; -75.667
Largest cityToronto
Official languages
  • English
  • French
Ethnic groups
List of ethnicities
  • 72.9% European
  • 17.7% Asian
  • 4.9% Indigenous
  • 3.1% African
  • 1.3% Latin American
  • 0.2% Oceanian
GovernmentFederal parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
• Total area
9,984,670 km2 (3,855,100 sq mi) (2nd)
• Water (%)
11.76 (as of 2015)
• Total land area
9,093,507 km2 (3,511,023 sq mi)
• Q1 2021 estimate
38,048,738 (37th)
• 2016 census
• Density
3.92/km2 (10.2/sq mi) (185th)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.979 trillion (15th)
• Per capita
$51,713 (20th)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.883 trillion (9th)
• Per capita
$49,222 (18th)
CurrencyCanadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Time zoneUTC−3.5 to −8
• Summer (DST)
UTC−2.5 to −7
Driving sideright
Calling code+1


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