List of Street with Postal Code in York, Ontario, Canada

List of streets with postal code in York, Ontario, Canada

Street Postal Code
1-374 Atlas Ave M6C 3P9
1-663 Jane St M6N 4A6
2-9 Sundel Ave M6M 3K2
3-78 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B4
3-86 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B4
3-89 Rosemount Ave M9N 3B5
3-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
3-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
3-1198A Weston Rd M6M 4P4
4-94 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B4
4-520 Oakwood Ave M6E 2X1
6-6 Greenbrook Dr M6M 2J9
6-526 Harvie Ave M6E 4M1
7-2009 Lawrence Ave W M9N 3V2
9-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
9-1306 Weston Rd M6M 4R5
9-3 Nashville Ave M6M 1H9
9-1947 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H3
11-5 Greenbrook Dr M6M 2J8
11-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
12-120 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M2
12-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
12-1947 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H3
12-4 Greenbrook Dr M6M 2J9
13-224 Rosemount Ave M9N 1M8
14-2007 Lawrence Ave W M9N 3V1
14-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
14-1901 Weston Rd M9N 3P5
14-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
14-1947 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H3
15-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
15-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
16-1949 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H3
16-560 Oakwood Ave M6E 2X5
16-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
16-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
16-9 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
17-7 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
17-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
18-36 Gibson Ave M9N 0A5
19-9 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
19-2011 Lawrence Ave W M9N 3V3
19-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
20-1901 Weston Rd M9N 3P5
20-1949 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H3
21-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
21-7 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
21-1949 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H3
21-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
21-3 Nashville Ave M6M 1H9
22-11 Pine St M9N 0A6
23-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
23-120 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M2
23-9 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
23-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
23-560 Oakwood Ave M6E 2X5
24-224 Rosemount Ave M9N 1M8
25-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
25-224 Rosemount Ave M9N 1M8
25-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
25-9 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
25-7 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
25-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
25-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
25-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
25-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
26-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
26-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
26-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
26-9 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
26-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
26-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
26-7 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
26-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
27-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
27-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
27-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
27-7 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
27-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
27-9 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
27-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
27-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
28-9 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
28-100 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
28-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
28-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
28-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
28-7 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
28-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
28-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
28-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
29-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
29-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
29-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
29-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
29-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
30-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
30-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
30-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
30-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
30-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
30-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
31-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
31-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
31-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
31-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
31-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
31-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
32-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
32-36 Gibson Ave M9N 0A5
32-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
32-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
32-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
32-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
32-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
33-560 Oakwood Ave M6E 2X5
33-224 Rosemount Ave M9N 1M8
33-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
33-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
33-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
33-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
33-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
34-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
34-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
34-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
34-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
34-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
34-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
35-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
35-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
35-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
35-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
35-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
35-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
36-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
36-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
36-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
36-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
36-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
36-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
37-224 Rosemount Ave M9N 1M8
37-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
37-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
37-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
37-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
37-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
37-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
38-224 Rosemount Ave M9N 1M8
38-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
38-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
38-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
38-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
38-30 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
38-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
39-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
39-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
39-60 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
39-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
39-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
40-224 Rosemount Ave M9N 1M8
40-81 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
40-83 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
40-40 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
40-50 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
43-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
45-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
46-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
47-1592 Bathurst St M5P 3H9
47-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
48-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
49-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
50-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
51-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
52-79 Clearview Hts M6M 2A4
59-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
61-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
63-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
64-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
65-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
66-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
67-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
68-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
69-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
70-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
72-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
74-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
75-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
77-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
79-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
80-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
81-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
82-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
83-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
84-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
85-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
86-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
87-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
88-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
90-2700 Dufferin St M6B 4J3
97-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
98-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
99-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
100-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
100-2480 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5G9
100-2010 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K3
100-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
100-16 Northwestern Ave M6M 5E5
101-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
101-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
102-178 Locksley Ave M6B 3N7
102-142 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M2
103-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
103-2040 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K5
103-3 Kane Ave M6N 3M7
104-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
104-178 Locksley Ave M6B 3N7
104-131 Lyon Crt M6B 3H1
104-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
104-370 Ridelle Ave M6B 4B4
104-154 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A2
105-98 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
106-370 Ridelle Ave M6B 4B4
106-98 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
106-2 Greentree Crt M6M 2A5
106-1650 Keele St M6M 3W1
106-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
106-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
106-40 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B2
106-300 Winnett Ave M6C 3L9
106-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
107-3 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
107-1970 Keele St M6M 3Y1
107-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
107-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
107-836 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B3
107-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
107-98 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
108-1960 Keele St M6M 3Y1
108-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
108-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
108-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
108-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
108-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
108-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
109-98 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
109-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
109-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
109-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
109-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
109-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
109-25 Nashville Ave M6M 1J2
109-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
109-2515 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T2
109-2040 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K5
109-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
109-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
109-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
109-1969 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K1
109-80 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
109-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
109-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
109-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
110-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
110-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
110-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
110-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
110-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
110-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
110-2515 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T2
110-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
110-1970 Keele St M6M 3Y1
110-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
110-25 Nashville Ave M6M 1J2
110-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
110-80 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
110-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
110-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
111-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
111-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
111-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
111-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
111-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
111-40 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B2
111-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
111-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
111-1969 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K1
111-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
111-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
111-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
111-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
112-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
112-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
112-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
112-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
112-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
112-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
112-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
112-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
112-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
112-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
112-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
112-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
113-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
113-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
113-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
113-43 Goldwin Ave M6M 5H4
114-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
114-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
114-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
114-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
115-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
115-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
115-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
115-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
115-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
115-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
116-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
116-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
116-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
116-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
116-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
117-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
117-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
117-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
118-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
118-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
118-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
118-440 Winona Dr M6C 3T8
119-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
119-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
119-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
119-120 Raglan Ave M6C 2L4
119-200 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y4
119-210 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y5
119-190 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y3
120-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
120-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
121-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
121-120 Raglan Ave M6C 2L4
121-210 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y5
121-440 Winona Dr M6C 3T8
121-450 Winona Dr M6C 3T9
122-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
122-450 Winona Dr M6C 3T9
123-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
123-440 Winona Dr M6C 3T8
124-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
125-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
126-400 Walmer Rd M5P 2X7
126-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
127-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
128-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
129-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
130-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
131-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
132-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
133-1996 Bathurst St M5P 3L1
134-400 Walmer Rd M5P 2X7
134-1996 Bathurst St M5P 3L1
135-1996 Bathurst St M5P 3L1
136-1996 Bathurst St M5P 3L1
137-1996 Bathurst St M5P 3L1
138-1996 Bathurst St M5P 3L1
139-1996 Bathurst St M5P 3L1
161 Lauder Ave M6E 3H3
162 Atlas Ave M6C 3P5
162 Morrison Ave M6E 1M7
162 John St M9N 1J8
164 Strathnairn Ave M6M 2G1
164 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M2
166 Morrison Ave M6E 1M7
169 Aileen Ave M6M 1G1
178 Locksley Ave M6B 3N7
183 Atlas Ave M6C 3P6
185 Atlas Ave M6C 3P6
190 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y3
191-2100 Weston Rd M9N 3W6
191 Pinewood Ave M6C 2V8
193 John St M9N 1J9
195 Pinewood Ave M6C 2V8
196 Wright Ave M9N 1E8
196 Pinewood Ave M6C 2V7
197 Atlas Ave M6C 3P6
198 Atlas Ave M6C 3P7
198 Glenholme Ave M6E 3C4
198 Rosemount Ave M9N 3C3
200-434 Rogers Rd M6M 1A5
201-1690 Jane St M9N 2S4
201-131 Lyon Crt M6B 3H1
201-300 Winnett Ave M6C 3L9
201-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
202-114 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
202-154 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A2
202-99 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A9
202-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
202-839 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B5
202-1570 Jane St M9N 2R7
203-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
203-2099 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H9
203-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
203-835 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B5
203-3 Greentree Crt M6M 2A6
204-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
204-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
204-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
204-330 Winnett Ave M6C 3L9
204-25 Nashville Ave M6M 1J2
204-98 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
205-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
205-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
205-300 Winnett Ave M6C 3L9
205-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
205-1570 Jane St M9N 2R7
205-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
205-178 Locksley Ave M6B 3N7
205-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
206-7 Nashville Ave M6M 1H9
206-114 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
206-142 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M2
206-99 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A9
206-300 Winnett Ave M6C 3L9
206-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
207-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
207-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
207-142 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M2
207-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
207-2095 Weston Rd M9N 1X7
207-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
207-24 Pinehill Cres M6M 2B6
207-130 Vaughan Rd M6C 3Z6
207-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
207-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
207-836 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B3
207-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
207-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
207-822 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B4
207-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
208-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
208-80 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
208-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
208-2 Greentree Crt M6M 2A5
208-99 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A9
208-102 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B7
208-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
208-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
208-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
208-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
209-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
209-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
209-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
209-80 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
209-300 Winnett Ave M6C 3L9
209-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
209-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
209-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
209-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
209-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
209-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
209-2558 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T4
209-12 Buttonwood Ave M6M 2J1
209-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
209-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
209-2468 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E2
209-2480 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5G9
209-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
210-80 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
210-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
210-99 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A9
210-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
210-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
210-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
210-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
210-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
210-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
210-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
210-2600 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T5
210-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
210-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
210-12 Buttonwood Ave M6M 2J1
210-25 Nashville Ave M6M 1J2
210-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
210-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
210-1970 Keele St M6M 3Y1
210-2480 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5G9
210-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
210-1969 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K1
210-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
210-2515 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T2
210-2468 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E2
210-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
210-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
210-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
210-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
211-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
211-1969 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K1
211-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
211-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
211-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
211-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
211-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
211-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
211-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
211-2480 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5G9
211-2600 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T5
211-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
211-3559 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5C6
211-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
211-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
211-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
211-12 Buttonwood Ave M6M 2J1
211-2468 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E2
211-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
211-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
211-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
211-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
211-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
211-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
211-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
211-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
211-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
211-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
212-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
212-130 Vaughan Rd M6C 3Z6
212-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
212-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
212-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
212-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
212-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
212-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
212-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
212-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
212-1970 Keele St M6M 3Y1
212-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
212-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
212-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
212-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
212-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
212-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
212-2480 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5G9
212-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
212-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
212-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
212-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
212-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
213-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
213-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
213-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
213-2468 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E2
213-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
213-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
213-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
213-2600 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T5
213-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
213-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
213-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
213-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
213-130 Vaughan Rd M6C 3Z6
214-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
214-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
214-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
214-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
214-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
214-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
214-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
214-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
214-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
214-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
214-2468 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E2
214-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
214-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
214-450 Winona Dr M6C 3T9
215-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
215-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
215-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
215-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
215-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
215-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
215-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
215-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
215-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
215-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
216-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
216-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
216-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
216-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
216-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
216-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
216-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
216-440 Winona Dr M6C 3T8
216-450 Winona Dr M6C 3T9
216-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
216-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
217-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
217-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
217-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
217-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
217-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
217-440 Winona Dr M6C 3T8
218-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
218-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
218-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
219-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
219-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
219-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
219-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
219-120 Raglan Ave M6C 2L4
219-101 Humber Blvd M6N 2H5
219-200 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y4
219-210 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y5
219-190 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y3
219-1920 Weston Rd M9N 1W4
220-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
220-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
220-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
220-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
221-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
221-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
221-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
221-120 Raglan Ave M6C 2L4
221-210 Woolner Ave M6N 1Y5
221-450 Winona Dr M6C 3T9
221-440 Winona Dr M6C 3T8
222-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
222-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
222-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
222-450 Winona Dr M6C 3T9
222-440 Winona Dr M6C 3T8
223-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
223-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
223-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
223-440 Winona Dr M6C 3T8
223-1035 Eglinton Ave W M6C 2C8
224-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
224-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
225-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
225-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
226-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
227-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
228-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
229-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
230-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
230-1920 Weston Rd M9N 1W4
231-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
231-1920 Weston Rd M9N 1W4
232-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
233-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
234-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
235-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
262 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
263 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
264 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
266 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
267 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
267 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
267 Kane Ave M6M 3N8
267 Scott Rd M6M 3V3
268 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
269 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
269 Scott Rd M6M 3V3
269 Kane Ave M6M 3N8
270 Scarlett Rd M6N 4X7
271 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
271 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
271 Kane Ave M6M 3N8
272 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
272 Scott Rd M6M 3V2
273 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
273 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
273 Kane Ave M6M 3N8
273 Scott Rd M6M 3V3
274 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
274 Westmount Ave M6E 3N1
276 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
276 Atlas Ave M6C 3P9
276 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
277 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
277 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
277 Scott Rd M6M 3V3
278 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
278 Atlas Ave M6C 3P9
278 Boon Ave M6E 3Z9
279 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
279 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
279 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B9
281 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
281 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
281 Gilbert Ave M6E 4W8
282 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
282 Atlas Ave M6C 3P9
282 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
283 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
283 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
283 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B9
284 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
284 Atlas Ave M6C 3P9
284 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
285 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
285 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
286 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
286 Gilbert Ave M6E 4W7
286 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
286 Westmount Ave M6E 3N1
287 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
287 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
287 Gilbert Ave M6E 4W8
288 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
288 Scott Rd M6M 3V4
288 Gilbert Ave M6E 4W7
288 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
288 Westmount Ave M6E 3N1
289 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
289 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
290 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
290 Glenholme Ave M6E 3C8
291 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
291 Rogers Rd M6E 1R2
291 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
291 Scott Rd M6M 3V5
292 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
292 Glenholme Ave M6E 3C8
292 Scott Rd M6M 3V4
292 Rushton Rd M6C 2X7
292 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
293 Robina Ave M6C 3Y9
293 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
293 Scott Rd M6M 3V5
293 Kane Ave M6M 3N9
293 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4C1
294 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
294 Atlas Ave M6C 3P9
294 Scott Rd M6M 3V4
294 Rushton Rd M6C 2X7
294 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
295 Robina Ave M6C 3Z2
295 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
295 Kane Ave M6M 3N9
295 Scott Rd M6M 3V5
295 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4C1
296 Rogers Rd M6E 1R3
296 Robina Ave M6C 3Z1
296 Atlas Ave M6C 3P9
296 Scott Rd M6M 3V4
296 Rogers Rd M6E 1R3
296 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
297 Robina Ave M6C 3Z2
297 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
297 Glenholme Ave M6E 3E1
297 Kane Ave M6M 3N9
297 Scott Rd M6M 3V5
297 Gilbert Ave M6E 4W8
298 Robina Ave M6C 3Z3
298 Atlas Ave M6C 3P9
298 Scott Rd M6M 3V4
298 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4B8
298 Rushton Rd M6C 2X7
299 Rogers Rd M6E 1R4
299 Robina Ave M6C 3Z2
299 Atlas Ave M6C 3P8
299 Scott Rd M6M 3V5
299 Kane Ave M6M 3N9
299 Earlscourt Ave M6E 4C1
300-16 Northwestern Ave M6M 5E5
300-2600 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T5
301-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
301-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
301-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
301-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
302-130 Vaughan Rd M6C 3Z6
302-24 Pinehill Cres M6M 2B6
302-131 Lyon Crt M6B 3H1
302-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
303-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
303-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
303-99 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A9
303-154 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A2
303-114 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
303-1960 Keele St M6M 3Y1
303-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
304-24 Pinehill Cres M6M 2B6
304-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
304-839 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B5
304-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
304-370 Ridelle Ave M6B 4B4
305-114 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M1
305-40 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B2
305-1970 Keele St M6M 3Y1
305-1500 Bathurst St M5P 3L3
305-370 Ridelle Ave M6B 4B4
305-300 Winnett Ave M6C 3L9
305-1240 Weston Rd M6M 4P8
305-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
305-1296 Weston Rd M6M 4R3
305-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
305-142 Vaughan Rd M6C 2M2
305-2 Greentree Crt M6M 2A5
306-131 Lyon Crt M6B 3H1
306-2099 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H9
306-130 Vaughan Rd M6C 3Z6
306-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
306-1240 Weston Rd M6M 4P8
306-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
306-1296 Weston Rd M6M 4R3
306-12 Buttonwood Ave M6M 2J1
306-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
306-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
306-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
306-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
306-836 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B3
306-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
306-822 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B4
307-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
307-2 Glenhaven St M6M 3L8
307-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
307-1650 Keele St M6M 3W1
307-154 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A2
307-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
307-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
307-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
307-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
307-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
307-822 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B4
307-836 Roselawn Ave M6B 1B3
307-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
307-1240 Weston Rd M6M 4P8
307-2470 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E7
307-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
307-24 Pinehill Cres M6M 2B6
308-2089 Lawrence Ave W M9N 1H8
308-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
308-1960 Keele St M6M 3Y1
308-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
308-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
308-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
308-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
308-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
308-2 Greentree Crt M6M 2A5
308-1969 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K1
308-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
308-3561 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5C7
308-12 Buttonwood Ave M6M 2J1
308-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
309-99 Vaughan Rd M6C 4A9
309-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
309-130 Vaughan Rd M6C 3Z6
309-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
309-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
309-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
309-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
309-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
309-1970 Keele St M6M 3Y1
309-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
309-12 Buttonwood Ave M6M 2J1
309-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
309-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
309-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
309-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
309-2040 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K5
309-2515 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T2
309-1969 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K1
309-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
309-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
309-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
309-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
309-80 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
309-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
309-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
309-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
309-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
309-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
309-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
310-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
310-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
310-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
310-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
310-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
310-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
310-43 Goldwin Ave M6M 5H4
310-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
310-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
310-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
310-40 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B2
310-2480 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5G9
310-1970 Keele St M6M 3Y1
310-1969 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K1
310-2040 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K5
310-2515 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1T2
310-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
310-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
310-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
310-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
310-80 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
310-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
310-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
310-12 Buttonwood Ave M6M 2J1
310-3559 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5C6
310-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
310-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
310-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
310-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
310-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
311-40 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B2
311-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
311-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
311-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
311-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
311-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
311-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
311-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
311-2468 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E2
311-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
311-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
311-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
311-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
311-2480 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5G9
311-12 Buttonwood Ave M6M 2J1
311-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
311-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
311-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
311-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
311-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
311-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
311-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
311-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
311-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
311-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
311-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
311-3559 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5C6
311-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
311-1969 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K1
312-31 Clearview Hts M6M 2A2
312-85 Clearview Hts M6M 2A3
312-130 Vaughan Rd M6C 3Z6
312-40 Trethewey Dr M6M 4B2
312-1040 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E5
312-55 Emmett Ave M6M 2E4
312-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
312-541 Blackthorn Ave M6M 5A6
312-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
312-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
312-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
312-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
312-1970 Keele St M6M 3Y1
312-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
312-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
312-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
312-85 Emmett Ave M6M 5A2
312-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
312-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
312-70 Clearview Hts M6M 2A1
312-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
312-1030 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E6
312-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
312-2468 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E2
312-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
312-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
312-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
313-1901 Weston Rd M9N 3P1
313-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
313-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
313-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
313-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
313-1720 Keele St M6M 3W3
313-2480 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5G9
313-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
313-1050 Castlefield Ave M6B 1E7
313-1090 Roselawn Ave M6B 1C3
313-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
313-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
313-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
313-43 Goldwin Ave M6M 5H4
314-130 Vaughan Rd M6C 3Z6
314-1901 Weston Rd M9N 3P1
314-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
314-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
314-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
314-2701 Eglinton Ave W M6M 1V2
314-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
314-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
314-2468 Eglinton Ave W M6M 5E2
314-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
314-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
314-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
314-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
314-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
314-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
314-450 Winona Dr M6C 3T9
314-43 Goldwin Ave M6M 5H4
314-33 Gabian Way M6M 5G8
315-200 Dora Spencer Rd M6M 5G5
315-377 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K2
315-600 Rogers Rd M6M 5G2
315-1001 Roselawn Ave M6B 4M4
315-855 Roselawn Ave M6B 4C3
315-567 Ridelle Ave M6B 1L1
315-75 Emmett Ave M6M 5A7
315-15 Oxford Dr M6M 5C4
315-30 Denarda St M6M 5C3
315-2005 Eglinton Ave W M6E 2K2
315-360 Ridelle Ave M6B 1K1
315-43 Goldwin Ave M6M 5H4

45°24′N 75°40′W / 45.400°N 75.667°W / 45.400; -75.667
Largest cityToronto
Official languages
  • English
  • French
Ethnic groups
List of ethnicities
  • 72.9% European
  • 17.7% Asian
  • 4.9% Indigenous
  • 3.1% African
  • 1.3% Latin American
  • 0.2% Oceanian
GovernmentFederal parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
• Total area
9,984,670 km2 (3,855,100 sq mi) (2nd)
• Water (%)
11.76 (as of 2015)
• Total land area
9,093,507 km2 (3,511,023 sq mi)
• Q1 2021 estimate
38,048,738 (37th)
• 2016 census
• Density
3.92/km2 (10.2/sq mi) (185th)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.979 trillion (15th)
• Per capita
$51,713 (20th)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.883 trillion (9th)
• Per capita
$49,222 (18th)
CurrencyCanadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Time zoneUTC−3.5 to −8
• Summer (DST)
UTC−2.5 to −7
Driving sideright
Calling code+1


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