List of Street with Postal Code in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

List of streets with postal code in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Street Postal Code
1-915 Wellington St N7S 1C9
2-240 Devine St N7T 1T2
2-144 Davis St N7T 1A4
3-273 Queen St N7T 2S1
3-470 Confederation St N7T 2B6
4-150 Christina St N N7T 8H4
4-892 Wellington St N7T 1J5
5-13 Lansdowne Ave N N7S 2P1
7-247 Durand St N7T 5A5
7-225 Queen St N7T 2R7
8-298 Durand St N7T 5A6
8-126 East St S N7T 3R3
8-877 Carleton Pl N7T 3V8
8-626 Indian Rd N N7T 7G8
9-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y2
9-163 Queen St N7T 2R5
9-892 Wellington St N7T 1J5
10-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
11-217 Queen St N7T 2R7
11-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y2
12-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
12-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
13-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y4
14-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
14-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
14-247 Durand St N7T 5A5
15-830 Wellington St N7T 1J5
15-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
15-247 Durand St N7T 5A5
15-825 Exmouth St N7T 5R1
15-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y4
15-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
16-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
16-1240 Afton Dr N7S 6J8
16-206 Queen St N7T 2R6
17-217 Queen St N7T 2R7
17-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y4
17-1250 Wellington St N7S 5P4
18-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
18-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
19-825 Exmouth St N7T 5R1
19-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y4
20-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
20-1240 Afton Dr N7S 6J8
21-1362 Lambton Mall Rd N7S 5A1
21-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y4
21-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
21-820 Wellington St N7T 1J5
22-716 Indian Rd N N7T 7H1
22-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
22-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
22-1230 Pontiac Crt N7S 4T9
23-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y4
23-185 Durand St N7T 5A4
24-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
24-834 Exmouth St N7T 5R2
25-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y4
25-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
25-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
25-82 Finch Dr N7S 4T8
26-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
26-301 Edgewood St N7S 4X7
27-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y4
27-82 Finch Dr N7S 4T8
27-834 Exmouth St N7T 5R2
28-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
28-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
28-1250 Wellington St N7S 5P4
28-82 Finch Dr N7S 4T8
29-82 Finch Dr N7S 4T8
29-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
29-950 Eastlawn Ave N7S 1X2
29-1250 Wellington St N7S 5P4
30-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
30-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
30-185 Durand St N7T 5A4
31-1234 Pontiac Crt N7S 4T9
31-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
32-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
33-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
33-1240 Afton Dr N7S 6J8
34-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
34-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
34-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
35-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
35-852 Exmouth St N7T 5R2
35-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
35-1240 Afton Dr N7S 6J8
36-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
36-1240 Afton Dr N7S 6J8
37-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
38-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
38-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
39-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y5
39-1238 Pontiac Crt N7S 4T9
40-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
40-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
41-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y2
42-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
43-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
43-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y2
44-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
45-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
45-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
45-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
45-834 Exmouth St N7T 5R2
46-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
47-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
47-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
48-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
48-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
49-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
49-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
49-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
49-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
49-1250 Wellington St N7S 5P4
49-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
49-834 Exmouth St N7T 5R2
49-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
49-1265 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
49-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
50-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
50-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y3
51-1625 Afton Crt N7S 5Y6
51-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
51-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
51-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
51-1265 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
51-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
51-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
51-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
51-1250 Wellington St N7S 5P4
51-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
52-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
52-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
52-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
52-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
52-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
52-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
53-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
53-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
53-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
53-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
53-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
53-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
53-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
53-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
54-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
54-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
54-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
54-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
54-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
54-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
54-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
55-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
55-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
55-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
55-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
55-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
55-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
55-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
56-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
56-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
56-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
56-914 Confederation St N7S 1A1
56-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
56-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
56-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
56-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
57-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
57-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
57-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
57-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
57-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
57-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
57-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
58-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
58-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
58-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
58-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
58-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
58-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
58-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
59-849 Devine St N7T 1X4
59-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
59-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
59-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
59-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
59-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
59-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
60-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
60-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
60-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
60-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
60-1273 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M9
60-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
61-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
61-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
61-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
61-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
61-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
61-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
62-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
62-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
62-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
62-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
62-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
62-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
63-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
63-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
63-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
63-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
63-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
63-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
64-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
64-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
64-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
64-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
64-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
64-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
65-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
65-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
65-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
65-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
65-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
65-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
65-187 Queen St N7T 2R8
66-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
66-295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
66-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
66-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
66-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
66-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
67-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
67-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
67-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
67-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
67-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
68-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
68-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
68-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
68-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
68-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
69-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
69-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
69-35 York Cres N7S 6J1
69-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
69-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
70-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
70-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
70-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
70-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
70-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
70-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
71-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
71-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
71-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
71-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
71-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
72-821 Devine St N7T 7P3
72-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
72-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
72-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
72-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
74-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
74-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
74-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
74-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
75-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
75-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
75-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
75-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
76-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
76-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
76-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
76-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
77-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
77-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
77-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
77-76 Olympus Crt N7S 4S7
78-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
78-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
78-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
79-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
79-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
79-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
80-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
80-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
80-27 Turner Dr N7S 4R9
81-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
81-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
82-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
82-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
83-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
83-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
84-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
84-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
85-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
85-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
86-27 York Cres N7S 6H9
86-215 Trudeau Dr N7S 4T5
89-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
89-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
91-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
92-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
93-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
93-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
94-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
94-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
95-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
95-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
96-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
96-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
97-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
98-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
99-880 Colborne Rd N7V 3K3
99-560 Exmouth St N7T 5P5
99-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
99-835 Devine St N7T 7P6
103-56 Finch Dr N7S 4T6
103-124 Queen St N7T 2R2
103-150 Queen St N7T 2R3
103-369 London Rd N7T 4W5
104-811 Devine St N7T 1X3
104-368 Exmouth St N7T 5N6
105-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
105-1150 Afton Dr N7S 5B8
106-1065 Brenchley St N7S 1R6
106-1148 Afton Dr N7S 5B7
106-880 Colborne Rd N7V 3K3
107-1150 Afton Dr N7S 5B8
107-176 Vidal St S N7T 2T6
107-266 Christina St S N7T 2N3
109-560 Exmouth St N7T 5P5
109-380 Exmouth St N7T 5N7
109-880 Colborne Rd N7V 3K3
110-985 Maxwell St N7S 4G2
110-180 Canterbury Crt N7T 7S3
110-1064 Brenchley St N7S 1R5
110-64 Finch Dr N7S 4T7
110-233 Capel St N7T 6T6
111-1148 Afton Dr N7S 5B7
111-269 Finch Dr N7S 5A2
112-985 Maxwell St N7S 4G2
112-275 Finch Dr N7S 4Z8
117-620 Berkshire Rd N7V 1Y8
118-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
119-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
119-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
121-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
121-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
121-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
122-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
122-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
122-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
123-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
123-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
123-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
124-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
124-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
124-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
124-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
125-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
125-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
125-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
125-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
126-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
126-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
126-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
126-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
127-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
127-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
127-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
127-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
128-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
128-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
128-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
128-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
129-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
129-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
129-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
129-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
130-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
130-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
130-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
131-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
131-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
131-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
132-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
132-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
133-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
133-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
134-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
134-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
135-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
136-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
137-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
138-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
139-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
139-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
140-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
141-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
141-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
141-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
142-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
142-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
142-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
143-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
143-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
143-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
144-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
144-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
144-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
145-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
146-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
147-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
148-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
149-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
151-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
152-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
153-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
154-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
155-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
156-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
157-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
158-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
159-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
159-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
160-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
161-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
161-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
161-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
162-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
162-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
163-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
163-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
163-229 Wellington St N7T 1G9
164-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
164-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
165-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
165-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
166-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
166-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
167-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
167-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
167-229 Wellington St N7T 1G9
167 Richard St N7T 1S9
167 Cobden St N7T 3Z9
168-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
168-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
168-229 Wellington St N7T 1G9
168 Essex St N7T 4R9
169-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
169 Cedar Cres N7T 4J7
170-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
171-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
172-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
172-1380 London Rd N7S 1P8
173-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
173 Alex Cameron Crt N7W 1C3
174-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
175-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
175 Wellington St N7T 7X5
175 Wellington St N7T 7X5
175 Campbell St N7T 2G6
176-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
176 Vidal St S N7T 2T6
176 Vidal St S N7T 2T6
177-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
177-1380 London Rd N7S 1P8
177 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E1
177 Napier St N7T 6E5
178-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
178-1310 Murphy Rd N7S 6K5
178 Davis St N7T 1A7
178 Campbell St N7T 2G8
179-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
179 Cecil St N7T 6W6
179 Bedford Cres N7S 4B4
180-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
181-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
182-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
182-229 Wellington St N7T 1G9
183-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
184-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
184 Vidal St S N7T 2T5
184 Christina St S N7T 2N1
185-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
185-5600 Blackwell Siderd N7W 0A9
186-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
186 Maria St N7T 4T1
187-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
187 Queen St N7T 2R8
187 Gordon St N7T 6P1
188-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
189-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
189 Barrington Cres N7S 5R8
189 Cecil St N7T 6W7
190-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
191-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
191 College Ave N N7T 6B4
192-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
193-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
193 George St N7T 4N6
194-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
194 Campbell St N7T 2G9
194 George St N7T 4N7
195-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
195 Christina St N N7T 5V1
195 Ross Ave N7T 1J8
196-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
196 Queen St N7T 2R6
197-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
197 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E1
198-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
198 Stockwell St N7T 3S7
199-1940 London Line N7W 1B5
199 Cassandra Blvd N7S 0A3
201-929 Michigan Ave N7S 2A9
201-56 Finch Dr N7S 4T6
201-817 Devine St N7T 1X3
202-1150 Afton Dr N7S 5B8
202-160 Canterbury Crt N7T 7P8
202-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
202-255 Capel St N7T 7R3
203-115 Victoria St S N7T 2S9
203-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
204-880 Colborne Rd N7V 3K3
204-1150 Afton Dr N7S 5B8
204-811 Devine St N7T 1X3
204-161A Nelson St N7T 7S7
205-11 Derby Lane N7T 7V2
205-161A Nelson St N7T 7S7
205-160 Canterbury Crt N7T 7P8
205-845 Trillium Pk N7T 7C2
206-1103 Lakeshore Rd N7V 4J8
206-175 Wellington St N7T 7X5
206-1150 Afton Dr N7S 5B8
206-11 Derby Lane N7T 7V2
206-1240 Afton Dr N7S 6J8
206-160 Canterbury Crt N7T 7P8
206-269 Finch Dr N7S 5A2
207-495 Errol Rd W N7V 2B8
208-233 Capel St N7T 6T6
209-755 Roger St N7S 2S8
209-1148 Afton Dr N7S 5B7
209-1065 Brenchley St N7S 1R6
209-345 Willowdale Cres N7T 7T5
210-345 Willowdale Cres N7T 7T5
210-56 Finch Dr N7S 4T6
212-269 Finch Dr N7S 5A2
212-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
214-1148 Afton Dr N7S 5B7
217-1202 Pontiac Crt N7S 4M8
219-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
219-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
219-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
219-911 Wellington St N7T 1J6
221-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
221-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
221-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
221-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
222-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
222-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
222-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
222-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
223-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
223-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
223-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
224-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
224-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
224-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
224-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
225-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
225-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
225-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
225-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
226-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
226-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
226-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
226-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
227-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
227-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
227-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
227-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
228-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
228-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
228-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
228-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
229-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
229-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
229-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
229-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
230-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
230-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
230-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
231-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
231-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
231-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
232-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
232-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
232-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
233-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
233-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
233-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
234-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
234-711 Indian Rd N N7T 7Z5
234-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
235-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
235-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
236-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
236-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
236-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
236-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
237-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
237-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
237-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
237-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
237-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
238-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
238-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
238-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
239-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
239-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
239-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
239-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
240-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
240-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
241-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
242-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
242-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
242-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
243-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
243-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
244-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
244-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
245-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
245-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
245-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
246-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
246-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
246-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
247-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
247-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
247 Durand St N7T 5A5
247 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E4
248-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
248 Wellington St N7T 1G8
249-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
249 East St S N7T 3R8
251-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
252-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
253-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
253 Oslo Cres N7S 4J3
254-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
255-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
255 Capel St N7T 7R3
256-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
256 Lasalle Rd N7T 7Y1
257-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
257 Emma St N7T 3A1
257 Brock St S N7T 2W5
258-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
258 Lochiel St N7T 4E2
259-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
260-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
261-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
262-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
263-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
263 Cecil St N7T 6W9
264-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
264 Cassandra Blvd N7S 0A2
264 Maria St N7T 4T3
265-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
266-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
266 Christina St S N7T 2N3
267-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
267 Laurentian Cres N7S 4W4
267 Hampton Ave N7S 4Y7
268-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
268 Cromwell St N7T 3Y3
269-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
269 Finch Dr N7S 5A2
269 Finch Dr N7S 5A2
270-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
271-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
272-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
272 Mitton St N N7T 6H9
272 St Vincent St N7T 6J9
272 Trudeau Dr N7S 4K7
273-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
273 Queen St N7T 2S1
273 Mitton St N N7T 6J1
274-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
275-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
275 Finch Dr N7S 4Z8
275 Finch Dr N7S 4Z8
275 Campbell St N7T 2H2
275 Exmouth St N7T 5M8
275 Trudeau Dr N7S 4K5
275 George St N7T 4P3
276-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
276-229 Wellington St N7T 1G9
276 Brock St N N7T 5Z6
277-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
277 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E4
278-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
278 Tecumseh St N7T 2K9
279-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
279 Hampton Ave N7S 4Y7
279 Conrad St N7T 3K4
280-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
280-1030 Confederation St N7S 6H1
280 Lasalle Rd N7T 7Y1
280 Queen St N7T 2R9
280 Elgin St N7T 5B6
282-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
283-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
283-1485 London Rd N7S 1P6
283 Savoy St N7T 3H7
284-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
284 Davis St N7T 1B7
284 Maxwell St N7T 5C7
285-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
285-229 Wellington St N7T 1G9
285 College Ave N N7T 6B9
286-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
286-1310 Murphy Rd N7S 6K5
286 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E3
286 Queen St N7T 2R9
287 Beaver Cir N7T 7X9
288-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
288 Essex St N7T 4S2
289-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
289-229 Wellington St N7T 1G9
289 Vidal St N N7T 5Y5
289 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E4
289 Mitton St S N7T 3E4
289 Indian Rd S N7T 3W6
289 Maxwell St N7T 5C6
290-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
290 Beaver Cir N7T 7X9
291-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
291 Beaver Cir N7T 7X9
291 George St N7T 4P3
291 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E4
292-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
292 Davis St N7T 1B7
292 Stuart St N7T 3B8
293-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
293 Shepherd St N7T 3J7
294-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
294 Beaver Cir N7T 7X9
295-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
295-1030 Confederation St N7S 6H1
295 Mitton St N N7T 6J2
295 Edgewood St N7S 5A6
296-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
297-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
297 London Rd N7T 4W2
298-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
298 Durand St N7T 5A6
298 Cobden St N7T 4A3
299-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
299 Beaver Cir N7T 7X9
301-369 London Rd N7T 4W5
302-131 Maxwell St N7T 7N9
302-1064 Brenchley St N7S 1R5
302-125 Euphemia St S N7T 2Y6
303-64 Finch Dr N7S 4T7
303-269 Finch Dr N7S 5A2
303-1065 Brenchley St N7S 1R6
303-1064 Brenchley St N7S 1R5
303-125 College Ave S N7T 2Z5
304-176 Vidal St S N7T 2T6
304-266 Christina St S N7T 2N3
305-1150 Afton Dr N7S 5B8
306-56 Finch Dr N7S 4T6
307-911 Wellington St N7T 1J6
307-233 Capel St N7T 6T6
307-1065 Brenchley St N7S 1R6
307-175 Wellington St N7T 7X5
307-380 Exmouth St N7T 5N7
308-200 London Rd N7T 7S9
308-255 Capel St N7T 7R3
308-845 Trillium Pk N7T 7C2
308-368 Exmouth St N7T 5N6
308-125 Euphemia St S N7T 2Y6
308-11 Derby Lane N7T 7V2
308-233 Capel St N7T 6T6
308-233 Durand St N7T 5A5
310-56 Finch Dr N7S 4T6
310-180 Canterbury Crt N7T 7S3
310-396 Exmouth St N7T 5N6
311-911 Wellington St N7T 1J6
311-495 Errol Rd W N7V 2B8
311-125 Euphemia St S N7T 2Y6
311-985 Maxwell St N7S 4G2
311-1065 Brenchley St N7S 1R6
312-911 Wellington St N7T 1J6
312-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
315-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
316-124 Queen St N7T 2R2
317-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
318-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
318-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
319-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
319-911 Wellington St N7T 1J6
319-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
320-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
320-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
321-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
321-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
321-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
322-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
322-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
322-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
323-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
323-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
324-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
324-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
324-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
325-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
325-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
325-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
326-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
326-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
326-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
327-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
327-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
327-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
328-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
328-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
328-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
328-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
329-351 London Rd N7T 7S4
329-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
329-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
329-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
330-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
330-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
330-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
331-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
331-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
331-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
332-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
332-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
333-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
333-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
334-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
334-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
335-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
336-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
336-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
336-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
337-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
337-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
337-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
338-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
338-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
338-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
338-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
338-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
339-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
339-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
339-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
339-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
340-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
340-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
340-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
340-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
340-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
341-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
341-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
341-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
341 Kiran Crt N7S 6M1
342-1218 Michigan Ave N7S 6L1
342-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
342-1370 L'heritage Dr N7S 6H8
342-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
342 Russell St N N7T 6S6
343-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
343-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
344-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
344-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
345-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
345-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
345 Willowdale Cres N7T 7T5
345 Willowdale Cres N7T 7T5
345 Shepherd St N7T 3J7
346-170 Front St S N7T 2M5
346-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
346 Bradford Dr N7S 5K7
346 Davis St N7T 1C1
347-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
347 Maxwell St N7T 5E1
348-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
348 Devine St N7T 1V1
349-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
349-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
349 Park Ave N7T 6K2
350-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
350-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
351-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
351-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
351 London Rd N7T 7S4
351 London Rd N7T 7S4
352-515 London Rd N7T 4X4
352-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
352 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E6
353-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
353 Indian Rd S N7T 3W9
353 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E5
353 Davis St N7T 1B9
353 East St N N7T 6Y2
354-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
354 Fanshawe Dr N7S 6E2
354 Collingwood St N7T 6N4
355-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
356-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
356 Palmerston St S N7T 3N9
356 Maria St N7T 4T6
357-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
357 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E5
358-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
358 Exmouth St N7T 5N6
358 Wellington St N7T 1H6
358 Palmerston St S N7T 3N9
358 Russell St N N7T 6S6
359-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
359 Cromwell St N7T 3Y7
359 Cameron St N7T 4B7
359 East St N N7T 6Y2
360-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
360 Stuart St N7T 3B8
361-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
361-229 Wellington St N7T 1G9
361 Maria St N7T 4T5
362-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
362 Cameron St N7T 4B6
363-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
364-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
365-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
365 Devine St N7T 1V2
365 Twin Lakes Dr N7S 4X4
366-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
366 Cameron St N7T 4B6
367-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
367 Cromwell St N7T 3Y7
367 Cameron St N7T 4B7
368-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
368 Exmouth St N7T 5N6
368 Trudeau Dr N7S 4K7
368 Bright St N7T 4G4
369-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
369 London Rd N7T 4W5
369 Kathleen Ave N7T 1E5
369 London Rd N7T 4W5
370-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
370 Palmerston St S N7T 3P2
370 Cameron St N7T 4B6
371-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
371 Trudeau Dr N7S 6H6
371 Twin Lakes Dr N7S 4X4
372-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
372 Tawny Rd N7S 5J6
373-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
373 Trudeau Dr N7S 6H6
373 Russell St N N7T 6S7
374-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
374 London Rd N7T 4W6
375-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
376-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
376 Trudeau Dr N7S 4K7
379-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
379 Cameron St N7T 4B7
379 Russell St S N7T 3M5
379 Fanshawe Dr N7S 6E4
380-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
380 Exmouth St N7T 5N7
380 Exmouth St N7T 5N7
380 Trudeau Dr N7S 4K7
381-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
381 Brock St S N7T 2X1
382-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
382 Twin Lakes Dr N7S 4X6
383-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
384-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
384 Wellington St N7T 1H6
385-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
385 Fanshawe Dr N7S 6E4
385 London Rd N7T 4W4
385 East St N N7T 6Y6
386-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
387-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
388-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
388 Tawny Rd N7S 5J6
389-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7
389 Bradford Dr N7S 5R4
390-5700 Blackwell Siderd N7W 1B7

45°24′N 75°40′W / 45.400°N 75.667°W / 45.400; -75.667
Largest cityToronto
Official languages
  • English
  • French
Ethnic groups
List of ethnicities
  • 72.9% European
  • 17.7% Asian
  • 4.9% Indigenous
  • 3.1% African
  • 1.3% Latin American
  • 0.2% Oceanian
GovernmentFederal parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
• Total area
9,984,670 km2 (3,855,100 sq mi) (2nd)
• Water (%)
11.76 (as of 2015)
• Total land area
9,093,507 km2 (3,511,023 sq mi)
• Q1 2021 estimate
38,048,738 (37th)
• 2016 census
• Density
3.92/km2 (10.2/sq mi) (185th)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.979 trillion (15th)
• Per capita
$51,713 (20th)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.883 trillion (9th)
• Per capita
$49,222 (18th)
CurrencyCanadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Time zoneUTC−3.5 to −8
• Summer (DST)
UTC−2.5 to −7
Driving sideright
Calling code+1


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