List of Street with Postal Code in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

List of streets with postal code in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Street Postal Code
2-18075 Yonge St L3Y 8W3
2-17080 Bathurst St L3X 3A5
3-18075 Yonge St L3Y 8W3
3-17080 Bathurst St L3X 3A5
3-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
4-17080 Bathurst St L3X 3A5
4-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
5-17080 Bathurst St L3X 3A5
5-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
6-17080 Bathurst St L3X 3A5
6-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
7-17080 Bathurst St L3X 3A5
7-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
8-17080 Bathurst St L3X 3A5
8-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
9-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
10-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
11-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
11-16630 Bayview Ave L3X 1X2
11-18025 Yonge St L3Y 8C9
12-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
12-18025 Yonge St L3Y 8C9
12-340 Eagle St W L3Y 7N1
13-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
13-18025 Yonge St L3Y 8C9
14-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
14-18025 Yonge St L3Y 8C9
15-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
15-340 Eagle St W L3Y 7N1
16-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
16-340 Eagle St W L3Y 7M9
16-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7R9
17-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
17-18025 Yonge St L3Y 8C9
18-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
18-18025 Yonge St L3Y 8C9
19-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
20-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
20-18025 Yonge St L3Y 8C9
20-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7S1
21-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
21-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7S1
22-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
23-1111 Davis Dr L3Y 9E5
23-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
23-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7S1
24-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
24-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7S1
25-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
25-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7S1
26-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
26-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7S1
27-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
27-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7S1
28-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
28-17310 Yonge St L3Y 7S1
29-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
30-115 Main St S L3Y 8J2
31-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
32-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
33-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
34-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
35-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
36-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
37-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
38-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
39-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
40-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
41-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
42-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
43-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
44-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
45-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
46-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
47-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
48-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
50-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
51-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
52-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
53-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
54-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
55-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
56-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
57-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
58-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
59-115 Main St S L3Y 8J3
73 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2M6
73 Woodbury Cres L3X 2T2
73 Bristol Rd L3Y 7V4
73 Red River Cres L3X 2R5
73 Stiver Dr L3Y 7V7
73 Widdifield Ave L3X 1Z5
75-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
76-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
77-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
79-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
81-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
82-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
83-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
84-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
85-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
86-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
87-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
88-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
89-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
91-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
92-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
93-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
94-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
98-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
99-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
129-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
132-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
133-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
134-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
135-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
135-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
136-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
145-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
146-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
147-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
151-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
152-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
153-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
154 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
156-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
157 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
159 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
159 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W8
159 Bonshaw Ave L3X 2X8
161-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
161 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
161 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
161 Woodbury Cres L3X 2S5
161 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K6
161 Foxtail Ridge L3X 1Z2
162-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
162 Widdifield Ave L3X 1Z2
162 Groves Terr L3Y 8C7
162 Matthew Boyd Cres L3X 3C6
163-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
163 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
163 Widdifield Ave L3X 1Z2
163 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
164 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
164 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
164 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W6
164 Foxtail Ridge L3X 1Z2
164 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
165 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
165 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
165 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
165 Bonshaw Ave L3X 2X1
166-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
166 Widdifield Ave L3X 1Z2
166 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
166 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
166 Crossland Gate L3X 1A5
166 Chambers Cres L3X 1S9
166 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
167-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
167-1111 Davis Dr L3Y 8X2
167 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
167 Widdifield Ave L3X 1Z2
167 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
167 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
167 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L1
168-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
168 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
168 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
168 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W6
168 Foxtail Ridge L3X 1Z2
168 Dean Burton Lane L3X 3C5
168 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
168 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
168 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1K2
169-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
169 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
169 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
169 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W8
169 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
169 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1K3
170-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
171-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
171 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
171 Foxtail Ridge L3X 1Z2
171 Widdifield Ave L3X 1Z2
171 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
171 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
171 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
171 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L1
172-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
172-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
172 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
172 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
172 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W6
172 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
172 Foxtail Ridge L3X 1Z2
172 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
172 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
172 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
173 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
173 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W8
173 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
173 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
173 Chambers Cres L3X 1S9
173 Hartford Cres L3X 2Z4
174-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
174 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
174 Widdifield Ave L3X 1Z2
174 Warwick Cres L3X 2M7
174 Crossland Gate L3X 1A6
174 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
174 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
174 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
174 Chambers Cres L3X 1S9
174 Alfred Smith Way L3X 3C4
174 Knapton Dr L3X 3B4
175-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
175-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
175 Widdifield Ave L3X 1Z2
175 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
175 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
176-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
176-1111 Davis Dr L3Y 8X2
176 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
176 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
176 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W6
176 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
176 Foxtail Ridge L3X 1Z2
176 Warwick Cres L3X 2M7
176 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
176 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
176 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
177-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
177 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
177 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W8
177 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
177 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
177 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
177 Chambers Cres L3X 1S9
177 Hartford Cres L3X 2Z4
177 Knapton Dr L3X 3B4
178 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
178 Crossland Gate L3X 1A6
178 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
178 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
178 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
178 Chambers Cres L3X 1S9
178 Jordanray Blvd L3X 2P4
178 Knapton Dr L3X 3B4
178 Kensit Ave L3X 1S7
179-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
179 Foxtail Ridge L3X 1Z2
179 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
179 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
179 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L1
179 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
179 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
179 Hartford Cres L3X 2Z4
179 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S5
180-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
181-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
181-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
181 Groves Terr L3Y 8C7
181 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
181 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W8
181 Emma Broadbent Crt L3X 3K9
181 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
181 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
181 Hartford Cres L3X 2Z4
182-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
182 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
182 Warwick Cres L3X 2M7
182 Crossland Gate L3X 1A6
182 Chambers Cres L3X 1S9
183-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
183 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S5
183 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
183 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
183 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
183 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L1
183 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
183 Hartford Cres L3X 2Z4
183 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
183 Jelley Ave L3X 1S7
183 Kensit Ave L3X 1S7
184-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
184-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
184 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
184 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
184 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W7
184 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
184 Narinia Cres L3X 2E3
184 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
184 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y3
184 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
184 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N5
184 Knapton Dr L3X 3B5
185 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
185 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W7
185 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
185 Emma Broadbent Crt L3X 3K9
185 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
186 Warwick Cres L3X 2M7
186 Crossland Gate L3X 1A6
186 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
186 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
186 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
186 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
186 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
187 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
187 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
187 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N6
187 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L1
187 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
187 Hartford Cres L3X 2Z4
187 Dean Burton Lane L3X 3C4
187 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
187 Jelley Ave L3X 1S7
187 Savage Rd L3X 1R6
188-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
188 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
188 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W7
188 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J9
188 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
188 Warwick Cres L3X 2M7
188 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
188 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
188 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
188 Hartford Cres L3X 2Z4
188 Narinia Cres L3X 2E1
188 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
188 Jelley Ave L3X 1S7
189-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
189 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
189 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W7
189 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
189 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
189 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
189 Emma Broadbent Crt L3X 3K9
189 Groves Terr L3Y 8C8
189 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
189 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
189 Stellick Ave L3X 1T3
190-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
190 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
190 Crossland Gate L3X 1A6
190 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
190 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
190 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
191-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
191 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
191 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
191 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
191 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L1
191 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
191 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
191 Jelley Ave L3X 1S7
192-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
192 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
192 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W7
192 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
192 Warwick Cres L3X 2M7
192 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
192 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
192 Roadhouse Blvd L3X 3K6
192 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y3
192 Emma Broadbent Crt L3X 3K9
192 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
192 Narinia Cres L3X 2E1
192 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
192 Jelley Ave L3X 1S7
193-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
193-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
193 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
193 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W7
193 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
193 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
193 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
193 Stellick Ave L3X 1T3
194-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
194 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
194 Crossland Gate L3X 1A6
194 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
194 Coleridge Dr L3X 2T4
194 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
194 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y3
194 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
194 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
194 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E2
194 Bristol Rd L3Y 7W9
194 Denise Cir L3X 2K2
194 Stellick Ave L3X 1T3
194 Burgess Cres L3X 2T9
194 Forsyth Rd L3Y 7Y1
195-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
195 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N6
195 Warwick Cres L3X 2S3
195 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
195 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L1
195 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
196 Bothwell Cres L3X 2K4
196 Grant Blight Cres L3Y 7W7
196 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
196 Trailhead Ave L3X 2Z9
196 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
196 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y3
196 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
196 Narinia Cres L3X 2E1
196 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
196 Jelley Ave L3X 1S7
196 Gail Parks Cres L3X 3C2
196 Elman Cres L3Y 7X2
196 Denise Cir L3X 2K2
197-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
197 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2K4
197 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
197 Narinia Cres L3X 2E1
197 Aspenwood Dr L3X 2X4
197 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
197 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W7
197 Flagstone Way L3X 2Z7
197 Gail Parks Cres L3X 3C2
197 Bristol Rd L3Y 7X9
197 Forsyth Rd L3Y 7Y2
197 Alfred Smith Way L3X 3C7
197 Dean Burton Lane L3X 3C4
198 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2V7
198 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W6
198 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y3
198 Aspenwood Dr L3X 2X4
198 Wainscot Ave L3X 2X4
198 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
198 Stellick Ave L3X 1T1
198 Bristol Rd L3Y 7W9
198 Denise Cir L3X 2K2
198 Burgess Cres L3X 2T9
198 Forsyth Rd L3Y 7Y1
198 Kensit Ave L3X 1S6
198 Dean Burton Lane L3X 3C4
198 Gail Parks Cres L3X 3C2
198 Matthew Boyd Cres L3X 3C7
199-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
199 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y3
199 Crossland Gate L3X 1A7
199 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L1
199 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y5
199 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W7
199 Savage Rd L3X 1S8
199 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E2
199 Forsyth Rd L3Y 7Y2
201-16610 Bayview Ave L3X 1X3
202-180 Main St S L3Y 3Z2
208-180 Main St S L3Y 3Z2
228-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
229-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
231-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
231-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
232-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
232-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
233-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
234-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
235-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
236-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
237-155 Main St N L3Y 8C2
237-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
239-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
240-465 Davis Dr L3Y 7T9
241-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
242-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
243-465 Davis Dr L3Y 7T9
243-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
243 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
243 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
244 Warner Cres L3X 2C7
245-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
245-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
246 Warner Cres L3X 2C7
246 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
246 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2W1
247-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
247 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
247 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
247 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
247 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
247 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
247 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
248-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
248 Maciver Blvd L3X 1Y5
248 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
248 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
248 Sawmill Valley Dr L3X 2W1
248 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J3
248 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
248 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
248 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C5
249-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
249 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
249 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
249 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
249 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
249 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
249 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C5
249 Narinia Cres L3X 2E1
249 Knapton Dr L3X 3B7
250-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
251 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
251 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
251 Alex Doner Dr L3X 1A8
251 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
251 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
251 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
252-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
252-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
252 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
252 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J3
252 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
252 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
253-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
253 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
253 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
253 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
253 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
253 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
254 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
254 Maciver Blvd L3X 1Y5
254 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
254 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
255-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
255 Harry Walker Pky S L3Y 8Z5
255 Denise Cir L3X 2K1
255 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
255 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
255 Savage Rd L3X 1S1
255 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
256-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
256 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
256 Maciver Blvd L3X 1Y5
256 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
256 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
256 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J3
256 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
256 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V3
256 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C5
256 Narinia Cres L3X 2E1
257-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
257 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
257 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
257 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
257 Narinia Cres L3X 2E1
257 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
257 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
257 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
257 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
258-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
258 Billings Cres L3Y 7Y7
258 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
258 Maciver Blvd L3X 1Y5
258 Savage Rd L3X 1S1
258 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
258 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
258 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
258 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
258 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
258 Paxton Cres L3X 2C4
258 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
258 Bristol Rd L3Y 7X7
259-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
259 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
259 Savage Rd L3X 1S1
259 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
259 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
259 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C5
259 Paxton Cres L3X 2C4
259 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
259 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
259 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
260-1111 Davis Dr L3Y 8X2
261 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
261 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
261 Alex Doner Dr L3X 1H4
261 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
261 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
261 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
261 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
262-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
262 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
262 Maciver Blvd L3X 1Y5
262 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
262 Savage Rd L3X 1S1
262 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
262 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
262 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
262 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S7
262 Paxton Cres L3X 2C4
262 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
262 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
262 Bristol Rd L3Y 7X7
262 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
263-17600 Yonge St L3Y 4Z1
263 Savage Rd L3X 1S1
263 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
263 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
263 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C5
263 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
263 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
263 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
263 Paxton Cres L3X 2C4
263 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
264 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
264 Maciver Blvd L3X 1Y5
264 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
264 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J4
264 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
264 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
264 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C5
264 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
264 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
264 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
264 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
264 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
265 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
265 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
265 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
266 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
266 Maciver Blvd L3X 1Y5
266 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
266 Alex Doner Dr L3X 1H3
266 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
266 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
266 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
266 Paxton Cres L3X 2C4
266 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
266 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
266 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z1
266 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
267-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
267 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
267 Savage Rd L3X 1S1
267 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
267 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
267 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
267 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C5
267 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
267 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
267 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
267 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
267 Paxton Cres L3X 2C4
267 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
267 Inniscarra Gate L3X 3G5
267 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
268 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
268 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
268 Savage Rd L3X 1S1
268 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
268 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J4
268 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
268 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
268 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
268 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C5
268 Alex Doner Dr L3X 1H3
268 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
268 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
268 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
268 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
268 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
269-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
269 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
269 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
269 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
269 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
269 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
269 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
269 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
269 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
269 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
269 Herridge Cir L3Y 7H6
270 Davis Dr L3Y 8K2
270 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S7
271 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
271 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
271 Savage Rd L3X 1S1
271 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
271 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
271 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
271 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
271 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
271 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
271 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
271 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N9
271 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
271 Paxton Cres L3X 2C4
271 Chilcott Cres L3X 3G7
272 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
272 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
272 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
272 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
272 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J4
272 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
272 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
272 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
272 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
272 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
272 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
272 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
272 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Z6
272 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
272 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N6
273 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2E3
273 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
273 Elman Cres L3Y 7X4
273 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
273 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
273 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
273 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
273 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
273 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
273 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
273 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
273 Herridge Cir L3Y 7H6
274-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
274 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
274 Savage Rd L3X 1S4
274 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
274 Marble Pl L3X 2Y3
274 Chambers Cres L3X 1T2
274 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
274 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
274 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
274 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
274 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
274 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S7
275-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
275 Savage Rd L3X 1S4
275 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
275 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
275 Surgeoner Cres L3X 2L3
275 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
275 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
275 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
275 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
275 Chambers Cres L3X 1T1
275 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
275 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
275 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
275 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S8
276 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
276 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
276 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J4
276 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
276 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
276 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
276 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
276 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
276 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
276 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
276 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2C9
276 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
276 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
276 Perrin Ave L3Y 8B1
276 Elman Cres L3Y 7X8
276 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
276 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N8
277-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
277 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
277 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
277 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
277 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
277 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2C9
277 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
277 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
277 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
277 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
277 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2E4
277 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
277 Herridge Cir L3Y 7H6
277 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
278 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
278 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S7
278 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
278 Chambers Cres L3X 1T2
278 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
278 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
278 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
278 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
278 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
278 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
278 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
278 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
278 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z1
278 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2E4
278 Herridge Cir L3Y 7H5
279 Savage Rd L3X 1S4
279 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
279 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
279 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
279 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
279 Chambers Cres L3X 1T2
279 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
279 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
279 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
279 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
279 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
279 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
279 Perrin Ave L3Y 8B2
279 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
279 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
279 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N9
279 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S8
280 Davis Dr L3Y 8M6
280 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
280 Savage Rd L3X 1S4
280 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
280 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J4
280 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
280 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
280 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
280 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
281-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
281 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
281 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
281 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
281 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2C9
281 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
281 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
281 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
281 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
281 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
281 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2E4
281 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
281 Herridge Cir L3Y 7H6
281 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
281 Petheram Pl L3X 1J8
282 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
282 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
282 Chambers Cres L3X 1T2
282 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
282 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
282 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
282 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
282 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
282 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
282 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
282 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
282 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2E4
282 Kirby Cres L3X 1H4
282 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
282 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S7
283-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
283 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
283 Savage Rd L3X 1S4
283 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
283 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
283 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
283 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
283 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
283 Chambers Cres L3X 1T2
283 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
283 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
283 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
283 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
283 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
283 Perrin Ave L3Y 8B2
283 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
283 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S8
283 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N9
284 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
284 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
284 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J4
284 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
284 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
284 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
284 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
284 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
284 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
284 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
284 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2C9
284 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
284 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N8
284 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
284 Perrin Ave L3Y 8B1
284 Elman Cres L3Y 7X8
284 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
285 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
285 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
285 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
285 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
285 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
285 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2C9
285 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
285 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
285 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
285 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2E4
285 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
285 Herridge Cir L3Y 7H7
286-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
286 Flagstone Way L3X 2Y1
286 Savage Rd L3X 1S4
286 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
286 Chambers Cres L3X 1T2
286 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
286 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S7
286 Binns Ave L3X 1T6
286 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
286 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
286 McBride Cres L3X 2W4
286 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
286 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
286 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
286 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2E4
287 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
287 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
287 McBride Cres L3X 2W3
287 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
287 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
287 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
287 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
287 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
287 Binns Ave L3X 1T6
287 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
287 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
287 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
287 Banbrooke Cres L3X 2W5
287 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S8
287 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N9
287 Inniscarra Gate L3X 3G5
288-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
288 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
288 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J4
288 McBride Cres L3X 2W3
288 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
288 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
288 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
288 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
288 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
288 Denise Cir L3X 2J9
288 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2C9
288 Elman Cres L3Y 7X7
288 Alex Doner Dr L3X 1G6
288 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N8
288 Woodspring Ave L3X 3A7
289-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
289 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
289 McBride Cres L3X 2W3
289 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
289 Chambers Cres L3X 1T2
289 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
289 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2C6
289 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
289 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
289 Narinia Cres L3X 2C9
289 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2C9
289 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
289 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
289 Herridge Cir L3Y 7H7
290 Savage Rd L3X 1S4
290 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
290 Bristol Rd L3Y 7Z4
290 McBride Cres L3X 2W3
290 Chambers Cres L3X 1T2
290 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
290 Clearmeadow Blvd L3X 2C6
290 Binns Ave L3X 1T6
290 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
290 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
290 Billings Cres L3Y 7Z2
291-16715 Yonge St L3X 1X4
291 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
291 Paxton Cres L3X 2C3
291 McBride Cres L3X 2W3
291 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
291 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
291 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
291 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
291 Binns Ave L3X 1T6
291 Geer Terr L3Y 8K5
291 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
291 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
291 Perrin Ave L3Y 8B2
291 Warner Cres L3X 2G6
291 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N9
291 Glenway Cir L3Y 7S8
292 Austinpaul Dr L3X 2C3
292 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J4
292 McBride Cres L3X 2W3
292 Rhodes Cir L3X 1V4
292 Jeff Smith Crt L3Y 8C5
292 Jelley Ave L3X 1S5
292 Sheridan Crt L3Y 8P9
292 Flanagan Crt L3X 2E7
292 Marble Pl L3X 2X9
292 Rushbrook Dr L3X 2C9
292 Coachwhip Trail L3X 2Y4
292 Perrin Ave L3Y 8B1
292 John Bowser Cres L3Y 7N8
293 Savage Rd L3X 1S4
293 Petheram Pl L3X 1J8
293 McCaffrey Rd L3X 1J5
293 McBride Cres L3X 2W3

45°24′N 75°40′W / 45.400°N 75.667°W / 45.400; -75.667
Largest cityToronto
Official languages
  • English
  • French
Ethnic groups
List of ethnicities
  • 72.9% European
  • 17.7% Asian
  • 4.9% Indigenous
  • 3.1% African
  • 1.3% Latin American
  • 0.2% Oceanian
GovernmentFederal parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
• Total area
9,984,670 km2 (3,855,100 sq mi) (2nd)
• Water (%)
11.76 (as of 2015)
• Total land area
9,093,507 km2 (3,511,023 sq mi)
• Q1 2021 estimate
38,048,738 (37th)
• 2016 census
• Density
3.92/km2 (10.2/sq mi) (185th)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.979 trillion (15th)
• Per capita
$51,713 (20th)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.883 trillion (9th)
• Per capita
$49,222 (18th)
CurrencyCanadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Time zoneUTC−3.5 to −8
• Summer (DST)
UTC−2.5 to −7
Driving sideright
Calling code+1


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